Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Learning Python
Hunter Thompson3:59 AM

Learning Python

Among the many sites devoted to the Python programming language, it is difficult to single out the best.
Each of the sites has its own advantages and disadvantages. But still, there are several sites that stand out from the general background of training materials on Python.

 This short article discusses the sites with which it’s convenient to start exploring your world in the Python language. These sites are distinguished by quality of presentation, user-friendly interface and methodological thoughtfulness. To single out the best of them seems to be a rather difficult task, therefore, the places allotted to him in the article are quite subjective.
The goal of the creators of the Pythonic way website is to learn about visual tasks, equipped with the most detailed and understandable comments. Pythonic way - an educational site for learning the basics of the Python programming language Pythonic way - an educational site for learning the Python language In addition to the basics of Python, the site covers object-oriented programming, multiple inheritance in Python, abstract classes, and functional programming. Among the examples are:

  • Cool Math Games
  • Blackjack in Python (text version)
  • Tic-tac-toe (text version)
  • Sapper
  • Pin pong
  • Snake

 GUI programs Primitive Paint in Python Python and Tkinter graphical quad equation calculator Go to the Pythonic way website.
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